Our Consulting Rosarians offer here a wide range of educational articles on types of roses, growing roses, and how to care for roses.

Different Types of Roses
Addicted to Floribundas by Kitty Belendez
Butter Cream Miniflora Rose by Robert B. Martin, Jr.
Cajun Moon Hybrid Tea Rose by Suzanne Horn
Cajun Sunrise Hybrid Tea Rose by Suzanne Horn
Chatillon Rose: Polyantha by Suzanne Horn
Dancing Flame Miniature Rose by Suzanne Horn
Golden Celebration Shrub Rose by Suzanne Horn
Heather Sproul Miniature Rose by Suzanne Horn
Hot Princess Hybrid Tea Rose by Suzanne Horn
Lavaglut Floribunda Rose by Suzanne Horn
Marriotta Miniature Rose by Suzanne Horn
That Wonderful Rose Named Peace by Kitty Belendez
The Impressionist Climbing Rose by Suzanne Horn
The Squire Shrub Rose by Suzanne Horn

Rose Care & Culture
A Ros-E-IQ by Robert B. Martin, Jr.
Exhibition Roses and the Drought by Lynn Snetsinger
Health Maintenance Organization for Roses by Robert B. Martin, Jr.
Improved Techniques for Rooting Rose Cuttings by Kitty Belendez
How to Prune Your Roses by Steve Jones
Hot Tub Silver by Robert B. Martin, Jr.
Month-by-Month Rose Care Calendar by Kitty Belendez
Natural Organic Products for Roses by Lynn Snetsinger
Rose Myths by Steve Jones
Soil Fertility of the Rose Garden by Steve Jones
The Deep Deadhead for Roses by Lynn Snetsinger
The Pros and Cons of Pot Culture for Roses by Dr. Eve Jones
The Joy of Growing Show Roses by Suzanne Horn
The Ten Principles of Pruning Roses by Robert B. Martin, Jr.
Thumb Prune Roses by Lynn Snetsinger

General Rose Information
Evaluating Your Roses by Chris Greenwood
Fencing Your Property with Rose Climbers by Dr. Eve Jones
Growing Fragrant Roses for Home & Garden by Chris Greenwood
Roses for Growing in Containers by Chris Greenwood
The Romance of Polyantha Roses by James Delahanty

Rose Show Exhibiting
Take Best Roses to the Rose Show by Lynn Snetsinger
Share the Wealth by Exhibiting Roses by Lynn Snetsinger
Growing Show Roses by Suzanne Horn

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'Daddy Frank' Miniflora Rose
'Crested Moss' Old Garden Rose
'Let Freedom Ring' Hybrid Tea Rose
'Rose de Rescht' Old Garden Rose