By Suzanne Horn, Consulting Rosarian

Photos Copyright © Kitty Belendez

Imagine the most beautiful medium pink miniature rose you've ever seen, and you are getting pretty close to our featured rose, Heather Sproul.  This perfectly formed miniature rose was hybridized by talented rose breeder Jim Sproul of "Roses by Design" in Bakersfield, California, and was named after his lovely daughter.  Jim, you may recall, is the man who hybridized such exciting and novel introductions to the rose world as AOE winners This Is The Day and Life Lines, as well as the award-winning grandiflora Honey Dijon.  

Classified by the American Rose Society as a medium pink (mp) miniature rose, Heather Sproul (SPRoheather) was introduced into commerce in 2004. It is a cross of miniature rose Hot Tamale and a seedling whose breeding is Lynn Anderson x Tournament of Roses. Its long tapered buds unfurl to reveal perfectly formed, high centered exhibition blooms with excellent substance. The bright, clear pink blossoms average about 2 inches in diameter with anywhere from 17 to 25 petals, and they are framed by rich, semi-glossy, dark green foliage.  

A prolific bloomer, the Heather Sproul miniature rosebush is frequently covered with beautiful blushing pink roses. Flushes  of petite blooms appear throughout the growing season, right through until pruning time in winter. It is also relatively low growing, reaching a height of between 18 and 24 inches tall. Therefore Heather Sproul makes a perfect choice for a container, an excellent hedge or border plant, or an eye-catching splash of color in the landscape. 

Heather Sproul is an excellent miniature rose that presents very few downsides.  It does lack any significant fragrance, which is common among miniature roses. Furthermore, it is also not an overly robust rose plant and takes some time to establish itself.  However, it is well worth waiting for!  Heather Sproul produces lovely sprays of charming blooms, or it can be disbudded for one bloom per stem.  These perfectly spiraled baby rose blossoms and lush sprays (clusters of blooms) are enchanting in the garden and also produce lovely displays as cut flowers for the home.

Probably my favorite feature of this splendid miniature rose, apart from its beautiful form, is its excellent disease resistance.  Heather Sproul is completely resistant to powdery mildew.  I have never seen a speck of mildew on Heather Sproul, even when the rest of my roses were covered with it.

For those rose exhibitors among us, please take note that Heather Sproul makes an excellent miniature show rose as well as a beautiful garden rose. Heather Sproul has been winning Miniature Queens of Show since November 2004, when I was proud to win the first one in Mesa, Arizona.  Heather Sproul is now winning as one bloom per stem and also in the miniature rose spray classes, and is considered the best medium pink miniature show rose on the market.

In summary, Heather Sproul is a must-have miniature rose addition to the gardens of miniature rose lovers and exhibitors alike.  I couldn't recommend it more highly.

© Copyright Suzanne Horn. 

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