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Down through the ages, roses have been prized for their spectacular beauty and heavenly fragrance. Many times the more modern roses have lost their fragrance in the quest for long vase life, disease resistance and the ability to provide a continuous display of flowers.  

In the late 50's, the American Rose Society recognized the need to honor those fragrant rose varieties and their hybridizers with a special award in the hopes of encouraging the introduction of more fragrant roses. The James Alexander Gamble Fragrance Medal is awarded to outstanding new, very fragrant roses. The selection is made by the ARS Prizes and Awards Committee for the rose considered the most fragrant in municipal and private rose gardens throughout the United States over a five-year period. The rose must be registered and must be rated at least 7.5. 

In the list of roses below, it is important to recognize that out of the fourteen rose varieties awarded, only two have been discontinued by the major U.S. roses growers.

James Alexander Gamble Fragrance Medal Recipients

1961  Crimson Glory, Wilheim Kordes, Germany,  Introduced by Jackson & Perkins

1962  Tiffany (AARS)  Robert Lindquist, United States,  Introduced by the Howard Rose Company

1965  Chrysler Imperial (AARS),  Dr. Walter Lammerts, United States,  Introduced by Germain's

1966  Sutter's Gold (AARS),  Herb Swim,  United States,  Introduced by Armstrong Nursery

1968  Granada (AARS), Robert Lindquist,  United States,  Introduced by Howard Rose Company

1970  Fragrant Cloud,  Mathias Tantau, Germany,  Introduced by Jackson & Perkins (Hybrid Tea Rose)

1974  Papa Meilland,  Alain Meilland,  France,  Introduced by the House of Meilland (Hybrid Tea Rose)

1979  Sunsprite,  Wilheim Kordes,  Germany  Introduced by Jackson & Perkins (Floribunda Rose)

1986  Double Delight (AARS), Herb Swim & Arnold Ellis, United States, Introduced by Armstrong Nursery (Hybrid Tea)

1997  Fragrant Hour,  Sam McGredy,  New Zealand,  Introduced by Weeks Roses

2001  Angel Face (AARS) , Herb Swim and Ollie Weeks, United States,  Introduced by Conard-Pyle

2002  Secret (AARS),  Daniel Tracy,  United States,  Introduced by Conard-Pyle (Hybrid Tea Rose)

2003  Mister Lincoln (AARS), Herb Swim and Ollie Weeks, Introduced by Conard-Pyle (Hybrid Tea Rose)

2005 Sheila's Perfume, John Sheridan,Great Britain, Harkness Roses Ltd. (Floribunda Rose)

2007  Fragrant Plum  Jack E. Christensen (Grandiflora Rose)

2008  Sweet Chariot  Ralph S. Moore, Sequoia Nursery (Miniature Rose)

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'Secret' Hybrid Tea Rose
'Double Delight' Hybrid Tea Rose
'Mister Lincoln' Hybrid Tea Rose